Nikki’s The Sims 3 Challenge Blog – Asylum Challenge Startup

Read up on some challenges that one can do on The Sims 3. Since I cannot record it and I’m wanting to keep results down someplace, I may was well do it here. There will probably be many screen shots on the process.

If you’re wanting to look into the challenges and try some, I found a list here:


Main Sim I’ll be using for the challenge:



Personality Traits: Ambitious, Family-Oriented, Insane (required), Loser (required), Neurotic
Lifetime Wish: Master Mixologist
– Master Mixology Skill
– Own a Bar
(This is gonna be fun…)


Pretty much just take whatever appearance and likes/signs they have and put in the traits required and a few that are useless since I’m not going to be using those sims anyway. The required traits for the other seven sims are: Hates the Outdoors, Insane and Absent-Minded. It doesn’t matter what their lifetime wishes are since it’s not intended on completing them. Traits they cannot have are natural cook, brave and dare-devil.


Here’s the Asylum Household, LOL!:


Left to right starting from top row: Mandy Williams, Nicolette Rose, George Smith, Joanne Keegan (with the cap), Jessica Valentine, Suzanne Tanner, Simon Grey and Catherine May.

I love how there’s only two guys even though I just took them as they presented when I added a sim. Yes, I gave them white ass names since I’m original like that…


The built asylum with the required furniture that were part of the rules and allowed:



Settings used to give other sims free will while I control my sim:



Now to waste what funds I have left on fish and tossing them into the ocean… Having at most $100 or less.


And here’s where the games finally begin. 😀 I’ll set up more blogs on it in the near future.


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