The Human Ego

It’s so strange how the human ego truly works. It’s one of the most powerful things that impact the person as well as everything around them but at the same time it’s one of the most fragile things that gets affected by everything around itself. 

I never really knew how much of one I can really have until just recently. I never even knew all of what I can be capable of and how I can let it push me around so much. Pretty much everything that defines and is about us is based on the ego and how we strive to make it and what we become so convinced of for it to transform the person. 

One of the hardest things about the human ego itself is to learn that there needs to be a time where one also has to accept the humility of what they’ve done based off of it. We always tend to blame or take pride on everything than simply just examining ourselves and take the blame when it really is needed. It’s never an easy thing to do and it takes time to just stop and find it out for one’s self to know who they truly are and what they can be capable of becoming once they reach outside of this ego mentality. It can vary from being a really good thing or something that can be really bad.

There’s still lots to learn and just because it’s put into text does not mean that I’ve come to fully embrace and take action for what I’ve learned. I think it has made me become somewhat aware of the flaws I have denied due to the ego and not wanting to say what and how I’ve been at my worst and where the errors lie within. 


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